Read and Reflect:
Curating the way we teach with games:
Also download and scan/read the following useful report from FutureLab.
Groff, J., Howells, C., & Cranmer, S. (2010). The impact of console games in the classroom: Evidence from schools in Scotland. Futurelab, UK.
What are you hoping to do with games in the classroom in the near future?
Foremost, I think I am going to explore what digital games in their variety of formats and contexts are being used in the classrooms. Build up my own knowledge base.
I am hoping to use a variety of digital games within the classroom. Considering that I am a specialist teacher then time constraints is often a factor that impact on the teaching and learning. I also feel that my role as a teacher librarian is very much involved in the curation of digital resources. I use such curation tools as flipboard (now), pinterest, diigo, and school focused Libguides and Netvibes as reference teachers to support both teachers and students. I will definitely explore Educade more.
I think too, that we really need to consider the backward by design. What are the learning outcomes that we want the students to achieve, and will the pathway of digital games provide that. I think the comment arising from the Future Lab article of ‘evidence from schools in Scotland’ regarding that planning and clear learning objectives are essential.  The comment that we also need to use games as appropriate whereby games do not have to be used in their ‘entirety’ is important. How can we extract or isolate certain game aspects from the game as a whole is definitely something I need to explore too.