I have an abiding interest in the direction that education or should I say educational institutions are taking (or not) to make learning relevant in the 21st century. It stems initially and personally, from the micro/local Australian context. The dichotomy between moving forward with a national curriculum and yet reform/educational issues generally being stymied/’brick against the wall’ by political agendas and the $$$.
And this interest moving outward and globally. I attended an evening last year when Pasi Sahlberg was giving a guest lecture at the NSW Teachers Federation in Sydney (note this is not the address, but one that he spoke at a Ted Talk, but key concepts and concerns the same!)
It led me to ponder, why is it that some countries are taking that ‘giant leap forward’ and other countries are mired in maintaining the status quo, or perhaps just struggling to emerge from the bog of 20th century structures?
My selected critical book review is Redesigning Education: Shaping Learning Systems Around the Globe – Innovation Unit for the Global Education Leader’s Program (2013)
I have started reading the text, but also exploring these key concepts, expanding outwards to find other resources related to this issue.
“Redesigning education” along with “21st century skills” are indeed the “buzz words”. In all areas of education, there appears to be an agreement that ‘redesigning’ is necessary …that we are not succeeding, that we need to change! So this will be my journey!