This module 3.5 was intense and intoxicating reading for me.  I think ‘Interesting’ was too bland a word 🙂
Metadata is something that I had no understanding of theoretically, though of course, we are surrounded by it in our daily lives. A week or two ago, I had reason to look back over bank statements, to track certain monetary movement over the last several years. However, what jumped out at me, was a look back into my life and what I was doing at the time.
I appreciated especially the simplicity of the second ‘What is Metadata?’ video – not only for my own understanding but as a resource to use with my classes.
I have already been talking to my year 5 students about connections and information in their daily life, for as simple an activity as categorizing apps on their iPads into folders. I want to move on to tagging, and perhaps thinking of using a tool such as linocut to achieve this. I am really in my ‘thinking/planning’ any suggestions would be great. These are the type of ‘connections’ that I would like my students to have.
I do tag within, of course, my blog and on Evernote, and where ever I see the possibility in organizing files and documents. I feel this is an area I would like to explore – discovering more relevant tags. I do add tags that are related to titles, keywords or major concepts but sometimes I feel like it is haphazard. I also try and link documents by adding the same beginning in the title e.g. INF530 or References. I wish I had done this earlier though, as I have mass documents all stored haphazardly, apart from folders from earlier years.  Looking forward to reading everyone’s approaches for ideas 🙂
I think one of the strongest points (among many*) was that “we will require a great deal of cooperation and collaboration across institutional and national boundaries if Linked Data is ever to really achieve its potential”. I think, because digital technologies are providing the connectivity in all aspects of our lives, and we are increasingly living in a global world and a networked society. As Judy O’Connell in the slideshare: Preparing Students for Web 3.0 learning state – both education and information is at crossroads. But this a crossroads that needs to span the institutional and national boundaries mentioned in the quote above. It seems that wherever we look, whether combating disease such as the ebola outbreak, natural disasters, developing the Open Education Resources (OER), moving forward with changing global education systems and engaging our students in global inquiries to develop cross-cultural competencies etc. All these and more, including Linked data,  are part of the strong threads of connectivity requiring this global cooperation and collaboration. 
* I loved the reference in Preparing Students for Web 3.0 in slide 73 to Guilds of Learning. It evoked images of the earliest medieval guilds. It seems we are experiencing a renaissance.