Conversation is where all learning begins. Douglas Blane, 2006.

I spent a very worthwhile day yesterday visiting two international schools in my area. I am lucky to have the collegiality of sharing librarians whom I have known over the years. Yesterday, they shared with me their innovative libraries, and also spoke to me of how the spaces were developed. I also inquired into how their schools implement or embed digital citizenship within their curriculum. One of the school’s Head of Integrated Technologies also shared her story of digital citizenship across the school.

I have created this Storify to bring together the thoughts and images of the two spaces: Learning conversations

To finish the day, Nadine (Informative Flights) and I were able to meet our course coordinator, Ewan McIntosh who is in Singapore for a very brief visit, and talk more about Designing Spaces for Learning, innovation, education and share our own stories.  Connecting through conversations.