To what extent does innovative space change learning and teaching practice, or do we tend to notice innovative teaching and learning in places where teams are already undertaking innovations in other areas, including learning and teaching?

I have enjoyed reading my colleagues posts and discussions on this particular question.

Innovative space can change learning and teaching practice. Yet it doesn’t guarantee that it will happen, especially if professional development and support of teachers in using these spaces is not forthcoming. Delving into the research literature during this coursework supports appropriate and timely, including ongoing, staff development (Blackmore, Bateman, Loughlin, O’Mara &Aranda, 2011; Department of Education Victoria, 2008;  Hunter, 2007; JISC, 2012). However, innovative teaching practice does occur in traditional spaces too.

I totally agree with Woolner (2009, 3) referencing the proposition by architect Sandra Horne-Martin for“environmental awareness” to be part of teacher training and continuing professional development (Horne-Martin, 2002; 2006).  An understanding of  the physical environment, and how the design of built spaces influences the behaviors and actions of individuals  (Monahan, 2002) would enable teachers to make better and more thoughtful use of the physical teaching/learning space.


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