Reflect: What are the challenges you are aware of for playing games in your classroom?
  • time restrictions – time to play (how long for games)  cf timetabling & scheduling & curriculum i.e. the traditional education system where customised learning is not at the core; how to provide a balance of the lecture with ‘cut out times’ (Jesse Schell)
  • teacher familiarity – prior knowledge – teachers letting go and letting kids explore, be curious – and tracking student playing
  • what games you choose, and what do you focus as your learning outcomes?
  • access re hardware, software etc. Restrictions of school policy – how open is the school to encouraging game based learning?
  •  how to fit games into education – what is a ‘good’ game? How can games that our students play as part of their leisure activity connect with learning in the classroom e.g. Minecraft?
  • every game is different – experience based on player choice & decision (customisation)

What are the behaviors you want to encourage and discourage?

  • encourage – curiosity, exploration, creation,  perseverance, collaboration & social interaction, reflection, transference of learning into new situations
  • discourage – time wasting,  off task behaviour