I remember buying Lord of the Rings game for our twin sons. However, they were too young, and we had issues with using it. But it is clearly one of the first novels (I had read and loved), that I remember seeing (or being aware of) that had been remediated from novel to game.

 I thought I would ‘jump start’ my search through Wikipedia and was amazed to see how many novels have been remediated into games: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Video_games_based_on_novels

My ponderings led me to a favourite trilogy of mine, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I thought that it would definitely have been made into a game by now?  It certainly seems to have provided inspiration for the creation of The Culling and has generated conversation about how the Hunger Games video game could be incredible.

I was inspired by Ki Sung who has transformed classic novels into role playing adventures in the classroom. It was a glimpse into how powerful games can be in learning when teachers think ‘outside of the square’ to engage and motivate our students and “which allows students to learn and examine knowledge through a creative process (Tikka et al., 2009, p.175).


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