I wrote this on my journal page, yet, felt the need to expand upon it here, where it is more visible.

I have turned the page! The weekend seemed to flow with multiple readings and bringing ideas together for the case study. I feel somewhat like on the ISP (Kuhlthau) affective continuum, moving beyond the frustration and disappointment of last week to greater focus and sense of direction. I have also stared the mini provocation and hopefully sparking student student interest. I may have to continue this as a blog post…lots to think about and reflect already…


The mini provocation uses Article #19 Freedom of Expression from The Declaration of Human Rights. Our students are inquiring into How we Express Ourselves, which is one of the transdisciplinary themes of the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) as their focus for their Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is the culminating learning experience of the PYP. It encourages students to take ownership of their learning, it is authentic and students choose real-life/world issues that they are passionate about or that concern them.  It is also the time to allow teachers to step back and reflect themselves, on whether students are able to synthesise and transfer their knowledge as they inquire and research in collaborative groups.

The short video was an excellent resource to have students thinking about concepts of  freedom, expression, choice, culture, traditions, generations, music, art, dance, literature/writing, and who can interfere with how people express themselves. We also watched a touching video clip of an elderly man (with dementia) singing with his son. We then pondered how these forms of expression can help people; the impact of being able to express ourselves to show who we are, where we belong, what choices we make and beliefs that we follow.

Next week, students will take these ideas and jump into exploring more using digital technologies and the internet. That is when I am going to be watching closely to see how they use the skills and strategies taught over the course of the year in information literacy (IL) sessions.


Freedom of Expression, Youth For Human Rights (2016), Retrieved from http://www.youthforhumanrights.org/what-are-human-rights/videos/freedom-of-expression.html