Time constraints are certainly an issue – first, to undertake this case study and especially within the time constraints of the 35 minute information literacy sessions, and to tie in with the beginning of the PYP Exhibition. Teachers came to the rescue so I booked up an extra session last week with the year 5 classes. This allowed students to do a screen recording of their search process and also the online survey (using Google forms). It has been interesting seeing the dichotomy between practice and perception.  However, these students are novice learners as they begin to inquire independently. The activity with the search process was conducted in either pairs or groups of 3 students. Often students use their 1:1 iPads in information literacy sessions. However, by using Mac laptops as a collaborative tool (1  per group) what emerged was greater discussion and (hopefully) deeper understanding of the search process.

I am at the stage of nearly finishing the case study by bringing together the data and considering the implications for recommendations and where to next for the school library program. It has been fascinating to bring my own teaching practice together with my studies, and the case study has allowed me to improve my own teaching.  The 3000 words is not nearly enough for everything I want to include about information and digital literacies within the school library program. As a colleague and I commented, it gives you a ‘taste’ to take your research forward to the next PhD level.