This has been a year of opportunity. To slow down and take joy in the small things in life – the family, the home, the garden and making connections in the new community where we now live. But new doorways have opened too such as being selected to be a judge for the Aurealis Awards. While the judging is in its early stages, it has been an interesting process for me as a reader. Usually I jump into and am immersed in the world of the story (or I immediately jump out). However, there is the added dimension of considering the language of the story and perhaps a more discerning eye as to the development of the characters and the storyline. It has also shown me the importance of the editor in the writing process and the core role they play.

My husband and I have also trained to become foster carers for young teenagers. This is something we have considered over the years, and now find ourselves in a place and time to support these young people in need.

I still am looking for work opportunities in ‘libraryland’. Indeed, I am on a 4 week block at the moment, and thoroughly enjoying the experience of being back working in a secondary library (when most of my working experience has been with primary). The developments for IB library workshops are another area that I currently contribute to, and it will be interesting to see the direction that these workshops will take.

This has also been a year of deepening connections with people and reconnecting with others from my past. I have been fortunate to work with and still be connected to amazing educators and librarians.

So many great opportunities with more to come…